Fuel Storage Tanks

Riordan Fuels can provide businesses with onsite private tanks to service your fuel needs.

The benefits of a Riordan Fuels private tank include:

  • Drivers save time by having a fuelling system right in their yard
  • Operators save money by buying in bulk quantities
  • Time efficiencies gained also with fuelling rates up to 160 litres per minute. The fastest flow rates at a service station with a Hi flow diesel pump is only 80 litres per minute
  • Riordan’s will provide your business with fuel cards for your fleet at no charge and no ongoing fees
  • Competitive commercial pricing applies
  • Access to the broader Riordan Fuels public network
  • These time efficiency gains and cost savings can give your business an edge and advantage over your competitors

For more information please phone (03) 5247 5700 or email info@riordanfuels.com.au