New tank located at Marong (Central Victoria) with AdBlue®

Riordan Fuels have just opened a new unmanned public tank at 20 High Street or Calder Highway Alternate Route, Marong, VIC, 3515. This location also has AdBlue® at the pump and a 1st for our Riordan tank network, it accepts Shellcard. Like all of our public tanks, the Hi-Flow diesel pump dispenses at 160 litres per minute, saving you valuable …

3 new private tanks installed over 4 month period

Within the past 4 months Riordan Fuels have installed 3 new private Diesel re-fuelling facilities into our customers yard. These facilities are in Ballarat, Echuca and Kyneton. Working closely with our customers, we provide onsite refuelling solutions providing numerous advantages. 160 litres per minute fast filling, time savings due to the pump speed, time savings due to the facility being …

Motorpass/Puma Card and Amex cards now accepted

Riordan Fuels have just upgraded all of our public tank locations to now accept more cards. Effective immediately Motorpass Card (WEX), Puma Card, American Express and JCB Cards are all now accepted.

New tank location in Deniliquin

Another new tank has just been installed in Deniliquin, NSW. Located at the corner of Barham Road and Calimo Street Deniliquin, NSW, 2710. This tank has easy B Double access and is open 24 hours, 7 days. Click on the tank locations page to see a map of the location.

New tank location in Horsham

Another new tank has just been installed in Horsham. Located at the corner of Hamilton Road and Osborne Road Horsham Victoria, 3400, this tank also has great access for long and large vehicles and is open 24 hours, 7 days. Click on the tank locations page to see a map of the area.

Three sites rebranded to Shell

Due to our contract expiry with BP and BP’s unwillingness to renew the contract, Riordan Fuels had no choice but to consider other branding options. We are pleased to announce that BP Lara, BP Mortlake and BP Camperdown are now all trading with the SHELL brand. All sites continue to accept our Riordan Fuels card as well as SHELLCARD. We …

Shell Mortlake – now with 24hr diesel available

Riordan Fuels has recently added a new driveway card accepter (DCA) to our Shell Mortlake site at 61 Dunlop Street, Mortlake, VIC, 3272. Your Riordan card is available through the service station between the hours of 6am to 9pm Mon to Fri and 7am to 9pm Sat and Sun. During these hours anything store wide is available for purchase on …