AdBlue®at the pump facility, refuelling/filling of tanks and AdBlue®available in bulk packaging

AdBlue® AT THE PUMP FACLITY: Riordan Fuels is pleased to announce 2 AdBlue® at the pump facilities added to our extensive fuel supply network. The exciting news is that truck drivers will now be able to replenish their AdBlue® needs conveniently while they fill up with Diesel. Our pricing of AdBlue® at these locations is cheaper per litre in comparison to buying AdBlue® in a bulk packaged format and you will find it much cheaper than our competitors who sell it from the pump. The advantage is there is no fussing with buying, moving, storing and pumping the AdBlue® fluid from your bulk package to your vehicle as our pumps at Laverton North and Camperdown are like any other pump at a regular service station.

Riordan Fuels will be installing more AdBlue® facilities throughout our network including our unmanned Diesel tanks. Please check this page for new AdBlue® locations within the Riordan network.

AdBlue® tank refilling: If you have your own AdBlue® tanks on site, Riordan Fuels can also have these refilled at very competitive pricing.

AdBlue® available in bulk packaging: Riordan Fuels can supply you bulk AdBlue® packages in 20 litres up to 1000 litres. Call us for pricing details.

AdBlue® is a fluid used in trucks and other new Diesel powered equipment to help them reduce their emissions. The fluid is sprayed into the exhaust of trucks (after the diesel has been combusted) and helps to convert oxides of nitrogen into harmless gas and water vapour.

Go to our AdBlue® page for more details about the product.